Democratizing Wellness

At Global Wellness Council our mission is to democratize wellness for everyone through the GWC Game Changer™ of: information, choice and access.
Find out about our initiatives, and be part of this global movement to take ownership of our own wellness.

Smoke-free Certified™

Smoke-free Certified™ is the global business certification for 100% smoke free environments.

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World No Tobacco Day™

In support of the World Health Organization’s World No Tobacco Day, we empower organizations globally to adopt tobacco control.

Global Wellness Forum™

The global gathering of thought leaders and government agencies tasked with delivering wellness worldwide.

Global Wellness Awards™

Recognizing excellence and leadership in wellness and promoting volunteerism and deeper engagement across the community.

The Gift of Wellness Pledge™

There’s no better to way to give and honor the opportunities that we had, than by giving the opportunity of wellness to those who need them the most.

The Sleep Institute™

We work with a panel of sleep experts to discover and share the art and science behind a good, restful sleep.

Clear Water Initiative™

We support the water filtration and delivery industry by testing and authenticating their efforts.

Workplace Wellness Certification™

Going beyond occupational health to inculcating comprehensive wellness at workplaces to increase productivity and employee engagement.