Unlocking Wellness Potential

Democratizing Wellness

Global Wellness Council is an International Nongovernmental Organization which is based in the Asia Pacific region with an aim to democratize wellness for all individuals regardless of nationality, race, religion, and belief.

In GWC’s defined scope, wellness does not confine to merely the conventional meaning that is understood by most people, rather it is more inclusive by stretching to every aspect of a person that contributes to one’s well-being. It touches on 8 aspects or dimensions, i.e., Environmental, Emotional, Resource, Intellectual, Vocational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.

Every individual has the potential to unlock one’s wellness, that is, to achieve a state of betterment in one or more aspects of wellness. As an advocator in this, GWC wants to enable every individual to possess the means, the best possible means, to unlock one’s wellness potential.

GWC’s goal is simple. As said earlier, its long-term plan is to democratize wellness, making wellness available to all people and making it possible for all people to understand and possess wellness.

What we do

Smoke-Free Certification

Smoke-free Certification Program is to democratize wellness to all individuals in relation to creating 100% smoke-free environment.

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Cooking Therapy

There is a growing demand using cooking therapy for treatments for a wide range of mental and behavioral health conditions.

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Employee Wellness

In the rat racing society we are living in, many individuals are constantly looking for opportunities to become better.

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Financial Wellness

Financial problems or financial pressure is a situation where money worries can cause stress on individuals.

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Forest Bathing

The process of soaking up the sights, smells and sounds of a natural setting to promote physiological and psychological health.

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Holistic Healing

Medications and treatments that take into account the state of mind, physical, emotion, spiritual and lifestyle.

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Home Remedies

Science is constantly searching for miracle cures for all sorts of illnesses, yet nature consistently provides the most powerful remedies on earth.

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Office Yoga

Yoga, an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India, is being practiced in various forms around the world.

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Pets for your Wellness

There are plenty of studies conducted or evidence that say pets do make us healthier overall and may make us live longer.

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World No Tobacco Day

Tobacco use kills more than 7 million people every year and costs households and governments over USD1.4 trillion.

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